Thursday, November 04, 2010

New Delivery - Nov 4, 2010

Lovely Veggies

I have just picked up our latest box of veggies from Harmony Valley and I am excited. Pictured above are some of the goods, including: beauty heart radishes (aka watermelon radishes); broccoli; Brussels sprouts!; lacinato kale; sugar loaf radicchio; beets; garlic, and carrots. Veggies not pictured include baby bok choy; sweet potatoes; butternut squash; salad mix; and spinach.

Can I just say yum? I am giddy with delight that we got some Brussels sprouts because I love them. I am also excited to make something with the sugar loaf radicchio, which is a new veggie for me. This week's newsletter has some fantastic ideas for how to prepare all of these guys and I'm looking forward to giving some of the ideas a try.

As always, thank you to the hard working crew over at HVF that puts these veggies on our table, and ultimately in our bellies.
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