Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Morsels - June 23-24, 2012

Cheese "Pudding"

Peppered Salami

 Maple-Bacon Beer - an homage to Voodoo Doughnuts

New Blue Chairs!


It was a gorgeous weekend here in Minneapolis, and Nick and I were quite productive.  We participated in a beer tasting evening with some friends on Friday, where we enjoyed some lovely cheeses and charcuterie.  The highlight, however, was Rogue's Bacon Maple Ale.  As big fans of the Bacon Maple Bar at Voodoo Doughnut, and of Rogue Ales, we loved this brew.  It has an incredible aroma of maple and the taste is delightfully smoky.  Despite being inspired by a doughnut, this beer is not sweet, but it is strong.  We shared the bottle between four and that was all we needed.  It was good to switch to something lighter and more citrusy after this, and Hinterland's Saison fit the bill nicely. I think the Maple Bacon beer would be perfect on a crisp fall evening.

Unexpectedly, our new blue Adirondack chairs arrived this weekend.  They are designed by Loll Designs in Duluth, MN, manufactured in Duluth out of 100% recycled plastic, and can withstand all of the outdoor elements that Minnesota can throw at them.  Best of all, each has a built in bottle opener under the right arm and they are my favorite shade of blue.  I love them!

We also got to picking our first round of cherries from our Meteor Cherry tree in the front yard.  All told, we harvested about a quart, but there are more out on the tree that need a bit more time to ripen.  I'm hoping for a bumper crop and trying to decide what to use them for this year.  We will definitely do a pie, and with those remaining, perhaps another round of maraschino cherries for our beloved Old Fashioneds.  We have also been discussing the possibility of a cherry stout home brew.  We will have to wait and see how many we have to work with once the harvest is complete.
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