Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pork and Sunchokes - Jan 25, 2011

Winter Roasted Pork with Sauteed Sunchokes and Kale

I know I've been absent the past few days. Let's chalk it up to licking my wounds after the Steeler loss in the Super Bowl. A hearty congratulations to all you Packer fans out there, especially the ones I count among my family and friends. You know who you are. Your boys really brought it home and you should rightfully be very proud of them. If we had to lose, I'm glad it was to the Packers (even though I'm fighting back tears as I type this). Alright, now I need to shake it off and get back on track to tell you about one remaining meal leftover from last month. This is the last of the L'Etoile pork, served alongside some sauteed sunchokes and wilted kale. It was a deliciously seasonal meal and helped clean out our fridge prior to our respective trips to Portland (me) and Whistler (Nick).

This should be the last of the January eats around our house. Starting tomorrow, I'll bring you a little of what's been going on in the kitchen in February. Oh, and since I brought up the low point of my weekend, I should quickly share with you the highlight. Nick and I checked out the City of Lakes Luminary Loppet on Saturday night. It was incredible. Lake of the Isles was lit up like a winter fairy land. It was nothing short of magical and it made me so happy to be a Minneapolitan.
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Jaime said...

How did you become a Steeler fan anyway?

Jess said...

It's a long story, but basically I fell in love with Troy Polamalu. Now I'm a proud member of Steeler Nation.


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