Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Chili - Oct 5, 2010

Three Bean Chili with Pork

I was craving chili over the weekend due to a combination of the cool weather, watching football, and seeing chili on a restaurant menu that I didn't end up ordering. So, on Sunday afternoon I threw a motley crew of pantry items into the crock pot and let that marvelous appliance work it's magic. Into the pot went black, pinto and red kidney beans; a bunch of chopped red peppers from our farm share; the remainder of the ripe tomatoes; a tiny bit of ground pork dug up from the nether regions of the freezer; chopped onions; water; and various and sundry spices. This concoction happily bubbled away all afternoon and made the kitchen smell amazing (much better than the fresh paint smell from a recent coat of ceiling paint). We supped on big bowls topped with freshly grated smoked provolone cheese. It was so good it almost made up for both of my teams loosing close games over the weekend. Almost.
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j.j. said...

ooooohhhh yum! I have been craving a good bowl of chili too these days!


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