Friday, August 06, 2010

Rhubarb-Sage Gin and Tonic - Aug 6, 2010

Rhubarb and Sage Infused Gin and Tonic

I didn't bake anything this week due to the oppressive heat and humidity. I did, however, want to share a treat nonetheless. Matt and Nikki brought us a huge bunch of lovely rhubarb from their yard last week. By now, Dinner Clubbers, you know my favorite thing to do with rhubarb is to use it for infusing vodka. Since that's old hat, I thought I'd try something slightly new and use gin as my base liquor. Also, I thought it time to experiment with layering some flavors along with the rhubarb. Sage got the nod due to the fact that it is overtaking my yard and I don't have many other uses for it. I followed the same procedure as the vodka, just replacing it with gin. I grabbed a handful of fresh sage leaves and chopped them roughly, throwing them into the rhubarb mix after removing it from the heat. The combination turned out great and we enjoyed a homemade happy hour last night.
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Fay's Too said...

three of my favorite healthfoods mixed together. So you heat the gin with some rhubarb in it? Toss in fresh chopped sage, let it cool (how hot? not too hot, right?) stain it into a class with some tonic and ice. I wonder about leaving out the tonic.
Is this correct procedure? Let me know.

Jess said...

Foo, just click on "procedure" within the text and it will link you to the recipe and method I used


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