Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vibrant Veggies - Aug 26, 2010

New Veggie Delivery

Check out these day-glow veggies. I just picked them up and had so much fun photographing all these amazing colors. First up we have some raspberries. Our raspberries are also producing so right now we have a bunch. These will either go into a smoothie, or get crushed and frozen until I have enough to make jam. Next are the red-skinned potatoes; a lovely orange pepper; a fun little tomatillo...I can't wait to make some salsa verde; some gorgeous horticultural shelling beans; some fuzzy edemame; onions with their crinkly skin; beautiful purple eggplants; a bursting at the seams tomato; more gratuitous horticultural shelling beans (they're so pretty I couldn't resist); a nubby cucumber next to a smooth zucchini; and another lovely pepper...this one's a roaster I believe.

Veggies not pictured include beets and salad mix.

The zucchinis are definitely going into some Thai zucchini bread. The eggplant will be made into some baba ghanouj, perhaps. With all of these peppers we will for sure have to make some chilies rellenos this weekend. Also, now that we are at the height of tomato season, it's time to make some pizza. I'm going to have to look back through some of our foodie magazines to see if I can find anything new and exciting to try with our stash.

As always, a big and hearty thank you to our friends at Harmony Valley Farm for such beautiful and delicious bounty!
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