Friday, August 13, 2010

Elderflower Ginger Ale - Aug 13, 2010

Elderflower Ginger Ale

How's this for a Friday treat...Anna is visiting from Portland! To celebrate we mixed up these cocktails, sans alcohol, for a fun afternoon libation. Instead of my usual homemade ginger ale (one part ginger simple syrup to 3 parts soda water) I tried a fermented recipe that can be found here (via The result definitely has a different taste from my's less sweet, more tangy. Anna says it tastes like kombucha, and I think it has a slight vinegar flavor. It's definitely a grown up ginger ale. For our drinks we used half ginger ale and half soda water with a tablespoon of elderflower syrup added, along with a lemon slice. Very refreshing. Cheers!
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Fay's Too said...

No idea what elderflowers taste like, but I'm addicted to ginger. Nummy.


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