Monday, August 02, 2010

Chorizo Pasta Salad - Aug 2, 2010

Chorizo Pasta Salad

This was our fun Dinner Club collaborative meal while Matt and Nikki visited. I had picked up the recipe awhile back at a great shop in Madison called Vom Fass, where you can sample all kinds of casked vinegars, alcohols, and oils. It's a really fun place and I highly recommend you stop there next time you are in Madison (or near one of their other locations)*. I purchased a bottle of Waldburg Balsam Apple Cider Vinegar and this recipe came with it. The recipe doesn't appear to be on their website, but a lot of others are and they all look delicious.

Chorizo Making

Since Matt and I got to play a bit during the visit, I took him to our favorite local butcher shop, Clancey's, and we picked up supplies to make our own chorizo for the recipe. Everyone at Clancey's had great advice for us and the thrifted meat grinder that I got Nick for his birthday worked great. On Saturday, Nick, Matt and I made chorizo as well as the pasta salad (and several cocktails) and we all had a great dinner after Nikki got home from her conference.

Cheers to Dinner Club!

*For those of us in Minneapolis, there is a great shop called Vinaigrette that is similar in concept. They don't have the alcohol, but they do have many oils and vinegars to choose from, all of which you can sample in the store.

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