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Cold Sesame Noodles with Kohlrabi - July 1, 2012

Nick and I received our latest issue of Bon Appetit last week and promptly found a nice summer salad recipe to make for dinner.  Cold sesame noodles are a perfect dinner during a heat wave, which Minnesota has been experiencing lately.  I changed the recipe pretty significantly, but that should be no surprise to anyone.  What I kept pretty much the same was the dressing.  I had to omit the sriracha because we didn't have any, nor any suitable substitute. 

In our version, I used udon noodles rather than soba.  I really like udon so much better since my soba noodles usually either turn to mush or stick together in huge, inedible masses.  The recipe suggests using any fresh summer vegetables you have on hand.  In our case, that was kohlrabi, which I shredded in our food processor.  I also thinly sliced our remaining green onions and snap peas from CSA delivery #4.  And, rather than the cilantro called for, I added some basil and mint from the back yard.  I omitted the black sesame seeds, but only because I forgot about them until just now looking back over the recipe.  We actually do have those in the cupboard.

The result was delicious and refreshing.  The kohlrabi shreddings all but disappeared within the folds of the udon noodles, since they're nearly the same color, but we could tell they were there by the satisfying crunch in our mouths.  The scallions, along with the fresh herbs, brought excellent flavor to accompany the crunch.  And the dressing, well it would be good on almost any combination of noodles and vegetables I can imagine.   
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