Monday, May 14, 2012

Sorrel and Stinging Nettles in Miso Broth - May 9, 2012

Between celebrating visiting friends, multiple birthday dinners out, flea market street food, and Mothers' Day last week, Nick and I needed a mid-week respite from the heavy (delicious) meals we'd been eating.  I decided that a healthy, green broth was in order, utilizing much of our CSA bounty.  The soup's broth I made using some of the sweet white miso paste that I purchased to make JJ's ginger-miso-apple salad dressing.  I usually use chicken stock, but the miso made a delicious and hearty base.  Sorrel, stinging nettles, potatoes (I should have used the sunchokes from box #1), green garlic, and chives all made their way into the soup.  When it was finished cooking, I pureed a portion of the soup with my immersion blender to make a thicker texture.  We garnished with chives and fresh lemon zest to bring out the lemony flavor of the sorrel.  This was just what we needed for a healthy break amidst the over-indulgences of last week.
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