Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jess & Nick's CSA Delivery #2 - May 17, 2012

Here is our second delivery of CSA vegetables.  We received asparagus; Hon Tsai Tai greens, with the pretty yellow flowers; more delightful French Breakfast radishes; rhubarb; more parsnips (yikes, I haven't used up those in the last delivery yet!); our herb packs, which I have diligently planted this afternoon; green garlic; and potato onions.  We also got a bag of salad mix and saute mix, and some pea vine.  I, somewhat guiltily, left the pea vine in the swap box at our delivery site.  Nick and I find the texture of the stems to be too fibrous and we're too lazy to strip the leaves from them before cooking to alleviate this problem.  Sounds a little like a case of "The Princess and the Pea Vine," doesn't it?  I'm trying hard not to be ashamed of myself.  I hope they find a good home in some one's kitchen who appreciates them more than we've been able to.

Thank you Harmony Valley Farm!  I hope my left-behind pea vine doesn't detract anything from my heartfelt gratitute for all the work you do to bring this beautiful food to our table.
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Jaime said...

Thanks for the input on the pea vine! We grow peas every year and I always think about harvesting some of the pea shoots because I've heard they are good, but I don't want to sacrifice any of the precious peas that would come later. Glad to hear I might not be missing something tasty!

Jess said...

Yeah, they aren't our favorite. The flavor is delicious, just like peas, but the texture ruins it for me. It's just my opinion, however, and many people really like them (which is why I hope someone was happy to see an extra bunch in the swap box). I prefer to wait for the peas themselves.


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