Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fresh Nettle-Morel Ravioli with Charred Asparagus and Miso Soup - May 21, 2012

Local farmers' markets are starting up here in Minnesota and Nick and I visited one in our neighborhood on Saturday.  While we get more than enough vegetables from our CSA share, farmers' markets are a great excuse for us to purchase some delectable pastries, food truck lunches, and other locally produced goods.  We splurged on this nettle and morel ravioli from the Broder's stand at Fulton Farmers' Market, thinking it sounded delicious.  It was pricey, $18 for a small package, but due to the exorbitant cost of morels, not out of line for fresh, handmade pasta.  I don't think I could have made it myself for much cheaper.

The woman at the booth recommended a simple butter sauce that wouldn't overwhelm the delicate flavors of the pasta.  I looked up a butter-Parmesan sauce in our copy of How to Cook Everything and followed it, adding in pine nuts, finely chopped potato onion, and chopped fresh parsley.  Since the ravioli servings were small, we supplemented dinner with some left-over Miso Soup with Nettles and Sorrel, and some charred asparagus spears with olive oil and salt.  We grated fresh lemon zest over everything.

The pasta was amazing.  Stuffed full of morels and ricotta, every bite was delicious.  The nettles in the soup complimented the nettle pasta, and the charred asparagus was perfectly crispy.  We thoroughly enjoyed this dinner.
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