Thursday, May 31, 2012

Peach Season - May 31, 2012

It is peach season at our house! When Richie came back from Home Depot some years ago with some fruit trees, I thought it would be an interesting experiment but never imagined they'd actually be productive. Hundreds of peaches, dozens of pears, and a few apples later and I can't imagine not having this amazing bounty each summer.

The peach tree took a direct hit during Hurricane Irene last year and nearly toppled over, but thankfully it survived. We staked it up and did some serious pruning and it has had a relatively productive year. Not quite as impressive as last year, but still more than we know what to do with!

I've been enjoying peaches with my yogurt (homemade of course!)... Shown here drizzled with honey and garnished with a few mint leaves from the herb garden.

We've had peach cobbler... Served with some of my homemade ice vanilla ice cream. Dinner Clubbers may recall that I have been in the past adamantly opposed to "a la mode." Well, let's just say that change is possible. I have definitely changed my tune on that preference, especially when the ice cream is this good.

And we've preserved some peaches for the winter months. Shown here are the four pints I put up so far (alas, one didn't seal so I'll be turning it into peach-mulberry cobbler tonight).

I also made a batch of peach jam with some of our earliest windfalls, but I should have probably crushed the fruit a bit more as it ended up separating from the jelly part. Live and learn!


Jess said...

I absolutely do remember that particular food aversion! I think because it was the first time that I realized that 'a la mode,' meant 'with ice cream.' I'm glad you are enjoying this particular combination now. Those peaches look amazing!

Jaime said...

They are amazing! It is such a wonderful early summer treat!


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