Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wisconsin Foodie - Feb 26, 2012

Hey Dinner Clubbers.  I just wanted to share my new obsession: Wisconsin Foodie.  Nick and I discovered it on our local PBS station recently.  It's a great show, especially for anyone who loves locally produced food and/or has Wisconsin ties (we happen to fall squarely into both of those categories and as such are extra enthusiastic).  I've embedded a video below to one of my favorite episodes so far.  Sausage making seems so quintissentially Wisconsin, afterall.  If you click the link to the website, you can peruse other videos and read articles at your leisure.  I am also putting up a link in our 'links we like' section for future reference.

Wisconsin Foodie - European Homemade Sausage from Wisconsin Foodie on Vimeo.

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