Monday, April 16, 2012

Tuna Salad Sandwiches - April 11, 2012

The cupboards were pretty bare last week as I hadn't been to the store in awhile.  After staring at the contents of our refrigerator with the door open for a few minutes, I noticed some celery that really needed to be used.  I had a couple tins of tuna in the pantry too, plus quite a bit of bread (that's what happens when you work at a bakery, I guess).  Dinner options were between tuna sandwiches and pasta with tomato sauce.  I asked my sister, Nat, what she preferred since she arrived home before Nick and thus got first choice (she's staying with us while in the process of a move).  Tuna sandwiches won this round.

Along with the celery, I found a lone carrot hiding out in the crisper drawer, so I shredded it and added it to the mix.  I also threw in the last remaining fresh parsley to supplement the celery and brighten the flavor.  Just a little mayonnaise to hold everything together and voila, dinner is served.  Nat likes her tuna sandwiches, along with most everything else, with a bit of Siracha.
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