Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy Anniversary Dinner Club! - Sept 8, 2010

Raspberry Apple Crisp with Wisconsin Belgian Red

Nine years ago tonight was the first official meal of the Madison Dinner Club, with all six original members present and accounted for. Nine years! It's hard to believe, I know. Thus, in celebration of a most fortuitous meeting, dessert is served! A raspberry apple crisp (inspired by breakfast at Greg and JJ's), with a hint of thyme and Chinese Five Spice Powder, and a dollop of yogurt, is this year's homage to the Club. Alongside it, a glass of New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red with which to raise a toast:

To my dear friends, may we share many more delicious days together, both in person and in spirit.

Dinner Club Forever.
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Fay's Too said...

And may you enjoy many delicious spirits in your persons! How fun.

Jaime said...

Thanks Jess! I can't believe that was 9 years ago!! Those were great times and I miss you all. Can't wait for our 10-year reunion.

Jaime said...
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