Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jaime's Spring CSA Share #5

This was the 5th and final share of the spring season. Exciting to think that "summer" begins now!

Obviously the theme of this week is green. A little bit of pink and orange on the stems of the Swiss chard, but otherwise we are a bit starved for color variety! In addition to the chard, we also got more kale, spinach, and what was described as an "Asian braising mix." Spinach will be in my omelets in the coming weeks and the kale and chard will get sautéed with some spices and coconut milk. Not sure what I will do with the mix... 

Rounding out the share were two pounds of asparagus (one already consumed), cucumbers (to become pickles for Richie), green onions, and two dozen eggs (see spinach omelets mentioned above).

Sorry that I forgot to write about the 4th share. Not sure right now what was in it but it was probably green!

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