Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pan-Fried Pork Chops with Saute Greens and Mashed Potatoes - Sept 21, 2012

Picking up where I left off, a month or so ago (!), here is our dinner from September 21st.  It's pretty self-explanatory, really.  Nick and I sauteed the pork chops on the stove top, and then tossed our bag of saute greens from the CSA box in with the juices left over from that process.  The potatoes are boiled and then passed through a potato ricer for perfect fluffiness every time.

Life is busy, and consequently I find I have less desire to blog about our eats of late.  In fact, planning and cooking in general has seemed more of a chore than a pleasure in the past several weeks. It's not an excuse, but an explanation, Dinner Clubbers. I am hoping to find my inspiration again soon, and I think with the cooler weather approaching I will start to get excited about cooking heartier fall and winter dishes.

I have more to post from the last four weeks and I will try to stay consistent and motivated in my blogging in the weeks to come.
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